Charaxes Jasius: butterfly's story

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Metamorphosis is the term that defines the quickly transformation from a larva to adult insect. For Lepidoptera, or butterflies, this cycle consist of four stages.

  1. deposizione delle uova

  2. nascita della larva

  3. impupamento

  4. nascita dell'adulto

Ciclo vitale della Charaxes jasius

We’ve decided to observe this enchanting wonder bringing at home and  breeding a Charaxes Jasius larva (Nymphalidae). This wonderful insect is the only  tropical butterfly representing in Europe.

The find of the Charaxes's caterpillar isn’t been casual, but sought with care  and difficult in October. The subject in his larva state is almost small and green, for this isn’t simply indentify him in the midst of the corbezzolo leaves.

At home we’ve put the corbezzolo branch with the caterpillar in a flower-stand, and kept it fresh as long as possible with many  water changes. About one time at week we’ve replaced the old branch with one new.

Bruco di Charaxes jasius Bruco di Charaxes jasius

The caterpillar build a “bed” on a leaf, with some with silk threads, on which he return to sleep after dinner.

This has been the first problem: we have had to replace the old branch every week and he has had to made again the bed on a new leaf. We’ re afraid that he didn’t make the bed again, but he did.

We’ve could observe, during these three months  three  moults.

At these times we found the covering of the head of the caterpillar on the table. As time went by he became  more big. When we caught him he was only 3 cm long, but two some days before he became a chrysalides he was 6 cm long.

Uova di Charaxes jasius Bruco di Charaxes jasius Bruco di Charaxes jasius

During his caterpillar life we’ve put a little box under the branch for the excrements. His activity was more evident by night. Sometimes we sprinkle him with water (simulating rain).

When time has came he became more nervous and he stop eating. His aim was to find a place suited for transform him to a chrysalides and to open the wings two weeks later.

In the new year day we’ve found him  bend on himself and hanging on the corbezzolo branch by some silk threads.

Bruco di Charaxes jasius Crisalide di Charaxes jasius Charaxes jasius Ala di Charaxes jasius

After about 24 hours his head was on the table and the cocoon was complete.Two weeks later the butterfly emerged from the cocoon.

At this point we’ve taken some picture after giving him some drop of wine (she loves drink wine and other alcoholic drinks). She’s known also like “drunk butterfly”.

Unfortunately she’s born  out of season (January-winter) owing to  the hot home temperature.

Charaxes jasius Charaxes jasius Charaxes jasius Charaxes jasius

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